• When Stewart begins, the loving message never ends. He’s a crystal clear voice for spirit.’ 

    Theresa Cheung, Sunday Times Top 10 Bestselling Spiritual Author.

    -Endorsement From ~Theresa Cheung ~ Author

  • I’ve been working with Stewart for over 10 years and during that time he has been able to guide me through enormous personal and business challenges. No one can avoid the challenges that will always come to us in life, but working with Stewart I have gained insight, intuition, resilience and inner strength which comes from courage and reflection. Without Stewart’s spiritual guidance and coaching I would not be where I am today. Stewart has helped guide me through life’s difficult times to grow my business, free myself from unnecessary worries and shift my energy when needed to enjoy the path I am on. Good and bad things happen in life, but it’s surrounding yourself with the right people and great energy and insight which makes a difference. In this respect I feel Stewart has helped me change the course of my life in a way I could not have imagined.


    I have had readings with psychic mediums for over 35 years. I can tell within minutes of the reading starting whether the person is authentic and genuine, Stewart is 100% that and more. Before our phone consultation I wrote 5 questions in my diary that I wanted Stewart to cover in the reading and without asking Stewart answered them all within ten minutes. I was blown away on how he knew what I needed to ask, before I had even said a word!

    I have now booked my daughter in for a phone reading with Stewart and recommended him to my friends. If you have any challenges you are facing and need some advice/guidance please do not hesitate to book in with Stewart, you will not be disappointed.

    Sophia Kupse

    Course Director, Author & Trainer
    Founder of LT Therapy

    Member of Professional Speakers Academy

    Member of the Health Research Authority

    Senior member of The Royal Society of Medicine

    -Sophia Kupse

  • I’ve had a couple of phone readings with the lovely Stewart, and I have to say- amazing! Don’t be put off by phone / video call readings. Just as accurate!

    -Maria Dickson

  • Hello Stewart,

    My wife Laura came to see you for a reading after being recommended by several friends and yes I was sceptical but after listening to her recording I was speechless at the undeniable evidence you gave proving without doubt you have a very clear insight into our lives at present and what we are planning for the future. The reading gave Laura peace of mind moving forward and it has given me the rocket I needed. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us.

    Best wishes


    -Simon Jenkins

  • Dear Stewart 

    Let me say this from the bottom of my heart. I have never met a man with such above and beyond wisdom, knowledge and understanding. 

    I first met Stewart in 2017, my life was a mess but with his wisdom in his work I can confidently say i am back to my normal self. I have full trust in his work in all directions of my life and what he said has all come to pass.

    I graduated in Accounting and finance in 2012. I was just working in care industry as a carer struggling to get the break into accounting. I now have a position in Accounting and finance after Stewarts guidance.

    A big thank you Stewart. I can highly recommend his work to anyone with one hundred percent confidence he can help you too.

    Kind regards 

    Katarina Taaru x 

    -Katarina Taaru

    Hello Stewart,

    I am writing to thank you very much for my healing session on 28th September. I feel like a new woman and that a massive weight has been lifted from me and I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me.

    I was nervous as I said prior to the session starting, but that’s just the fear of the unknown and as soon as the session started, I felt at ease.

    During the healing session you said that my Mum was there as she wanted to help and you were fine with that and you advised me she was on my right hand side. All I can explain is that I felt a warm sensation over the right side of my body.

    I just cannot explain how I feel, but I feel like Sarah again. It was really heart warming and a great comfort to know my Mum was there and that you were telling me that she wants to help me feel better. I can honestly say that I do. I feel positive and able to cope with life again.

    I cannot change my Mum’s passing and have to learn to adjust and live with this life changing event, but from that session I just got the feeling that my Mum wants me to feel better and move on. I will never forget what a wonderful Mum she was, but I feel as though I have my Mum’s blessing and permission to move on with my life and I am now able to remember the happy times instead of being consumed by the events leading to her passing away and her funeral. I can now look at my Mum’s picture and smile instead of cry. The healing session has been life changing for me.

    A million thanks to you Stewart and I look forward to seeing you in December for my mediumship sitting.
    Kind regards.

    -Sarah Rideout

    After losing my Dad suddenly at the start of the year I couldn’t see how I was ever going gain closure and move on. A friend suggested I have a reading with Stewart Keeys. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I can honestly say I was blown away. The things Stewart said were spot on, even things that no one would know except me. I cannot thank you enough Stewart for bringing me so much comfort and for all my unanswered questions that are no longer. I finally feel like I can begin to move forward. This man has the most amazing gift and I cannot wait to have another reading! xxx Charley Bird xxx

    -Celebrity Reading – From The X-Factor ~ Miss Charley Bird.

  • Jaw dropping what he knew about me. Amazing filming session with Stewart today. The film crew were sceptical to begin with but believers by the end.

    -Celebrity Reading – Dani Gibson, TV Presenter For Tiger TV

  • You have blown me away watching you on stage was incredible. Thank you so, so much for my message from my Dad. xx

    -Celebrity Reading – Karen Chamberlain Sky One A Different Breed

  • Loved it, an inspirational experience. I have seen many psychic mediums but you really are the real deal!!!

    -Celebrity Reading – Andrew Stone – Star of ITV Pineapple Studios and Celebrity Big Brother.

  • Had a VERY POWERFUL reading with Stewart Keeys today. He is up there with the best THANK YOU Stew!!! xx

    -Celebrity Reading – Louise Harris from Sky Ones A Different Breed

  • What you can do is amazing. How do you know that stuff? Great time with you at Reading Football Club Charity Game.

    -Celebrity Reading – Razor Ruddock

  • “You’re spooky but I love it”.

    -Celebrity Reading – Actor Andy Beckwith from Snatch, Pirates of The Carribean, Les Miserable and Game of Thrones

  • From Yvette Fielding, Most Haunted TV Show.

    You are going to be massive, be ready….you can’t begin to comprehend it!

    -Yvette Fielding – Most Haunted

  • What can I say…I had the most in depth reading from this guy. I was gob smacked on how precise he was on details only I would know.. He is amazing!! Fantastic… I’m still lost for words about my reading!! I haven’t stopped thinking about what was said to me and I am still smiling even as I’m writing this.

    Thank you so much Stewart, for the guidance, patience and being so truthful with me.. I respect you for that… Please my friends, check this wonderful and amazing man out… “Brilliant” “Beautiful Spiritual Soul” x

    -Celebrity Reading – From Solo Artist & 1/5th of the pop group Five Star ~ Stedman Pearson.

  • Hi Stewart, 

    I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to say thank you for the reading I had with you on 9th May.

    I checked out a couple of pieces of information that you gave me, one being describing some benches at a crematorium with the name William on overlooking some yellow flowers and sure enough very near to my
    Granddad’s plot are actually two benches either side both with the name William on.

    You’d also described to me a box that I kept my Nana’s engagement ring in, and in particular the inside of the box (which at the time I couldn’t really remember) anyway I checked it when I got home and the information you gave was right, so specific and so correct.

    Anyway thank you very much for the lovely reading, I felt very privileged to have received so much information, it has certainly put a smile on my face! My friend and I are hoping to book a place with Paranormal Tours so will hopefully see you at one of the tours soon.

    Kind regard

    -Louisa Gale

  • Hello Stewart 

    I saw you today with Becky and I just wanted to say thank you for the reading. It was very interesting for me.  I have gained so much and know which pathway I should be taking now.

    Thank you again.


  • Hi Stewart,

    Just got back from Croatia, two weeks of much needed relaxation. I need firstly to thank you for such an insightful reading two weeks ago, your skills and sensitivity as a medium are among the best I have come across and your accuracy was truly remarkable.

    Good luck with all you do in the future.


  • Hi Stewart, 

    Just a quickie to say thanks again to you, for a fantastic course at Bisham Abbey – we heard lots of great comments on breaks from people on the course – it was an allround brilliant course.

    Kind blessings,


  • Hi Stewart,
    Thanks for the reading Friday morning. There were many validations that I treasure. I’m not sure I can wait 6 months for another reading, you really were as good as I
    had been told you were.
    All The Best


  • Hello Stewart,

    Thank you for coming out to cleanse our home and move on our visitors. The house seems so different now, very peaceful and quiet, the dogs have not barked or growled into thin air since your visit. I always felt like a fraud living here as if the real owners were going to come home and find us there and chuck us out, the day after your visit I walked down the hallway, I thought “this is my house now”, so again, thank you for that.


  • Hi Stewart,

    Thanks for the phone reading I had with you today, I found it very valuable, with a lot of detailed information, which I only later on registered, I’m sure when I receive the tape I will pick up more. Your reading was very accurate and I’m very pleased. Have a wonderful day, with best greetings from Frankfurt.


  • Hi Stewart,

    I just wanted to pass my thanks once again to you, on behalf of Jane and I.

    I have never dis-believed psychics/clairvoyants, but like many people before me, was a little sceptical. However, having had a reading from you yesterday, the incredible accuracy in which my past and future have been portrayed has diminished any doubt that I ever had.

    I have passed on your name details to members of my family, as has Jane, so you can expect some phone calls soon!

    When I do eventually have the tattoo etched onto my back, I shall forward you a picture of it, because, again, the accuracy in which you described my design was amazing!!

    Thank you again Stewart, for your time and honesty yesterday, it was good to see you.


  • Hi Stewart, 

    Just a quick thank you, the items I ordered from your shop turned up this morning before we left for work -very prompt delivery and the items are lovely. We’re very pleased.

    Thank you.


  • Hi Stewart,

    Thanks so much for seeing me today. You’re gift it amazing and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet you.

    I have listened to the recording of today’s reading, which I’m so grateful for, there is no way I could have remembered half of it.

    Thanks again

    -Audrey ORourke

  • Hi Stewart,

    I just wanted to email you, firstly to thank you for a really useful reading on Tuesday. I have found it has already changed my way of thinking, and I can’t thank you enough. The ‘cutting cord’ exercise has been very useful.

    Secondly, there were a few things in the reading that I couldn’t place at that time. I don’t know if you remember, but I just wanted to let you know what has happened since Tuesday.

    I hope it’s of interest. Basically, you were relaying ‘St Barts’ to me, and it would appear I do actually have quite a connection with that particular hospital. Not only have both sets of my cousins got married there, but my Aunt had an operation to remove cancer at St Barts 13 years ago today (Nov 16).

    Not only that, apparently, when I was 6 we were attending a wedding in London (I have never lived there) and came down with terrible stomach pains…. guess where I ended up!! Yep, St Barts.

    It doesn’t end there; my cousin has just been invited, and has in turn just invited my aunt, to go to St Barts as they are filming Songs of Praise.

    As for the man my Nan was with, William/Bill, this is her brother in law, who she got along with incredibly well and who shared her outlook on life. I’m incredibly comforted by what I’ve found out, and really have found the whole experience life changing, even after just two days, hard to believe eh!

    I wish you all the very best, and thank you for everything. I’m sure

    I will be seeing you again.

    Take very good care

    -Julie Foskett.

  • Hi Stewart,

    Just to say thank you very much for the reading and how much it has helped me. To know my grandmother and father are still looking out for me is wonderful and I am intrigued by the fact you gave me the date of 21st December as the day all will change for me. You were spot on with your last prediction, so I thoroughly trust that this will happen.

    Take care and have a lovely Christmas

    Best wishes


  • Dear Stewart,

    Just a note to say thank you for the reading that you did for us yesterday. We were amazed with what you told us, it was a great comfort us.

    Would love to come and see you again, at a latter date in the year if ok.

    Best wishes

    Thanks Stewart for my reading which has brought me so much peace. I’ve always been so wary of this sort of thing, I only wish I done this earlier in life. May your work with spirit last through your life time and may it touch many hearts.


  • Hi Stewart,

    Thank you so much for my reading on the 7th. I feel so peaceful inside. It’s so good to know Dads ok. I can’t believe what you told me, it’s so accurate. Its times like this that make you realise the spirit world isn’t far away and that they’re around us all the time.

    Thank you so very much for brining me peace in my heart, I only wish I done this years ago.

    Kind regards


  • Dear Stewart,

    Thank you so much for the reading which was so accurate. It’s certainly lifted my spirits somewhat.


  • Hi Stewart,

    Just to say I’m now back in Devon and wanted to thank you via email. I have been thinking about the reading I had with you last Tuesday which was enlightening and extremely accurate.

    You have given me peace of mind that my Nanny is now settled and she and my Granddad are reunited. During the reading you came up with the name Norma, my mind was obviously somewhere else as I didn’t connect the name at the time.

    My Nanny’s name was Nora..The children call her Nornie and it wasn’t until I spoke to my sister that the puzzle clicked!

    My sister Liz came to see you in the afternoon and the reading you gave her although different to mine was very clear and precise.

    I will definitely recommend you to my friends down here and will be coming back for another reading when the time is right. A BIG THANK YOU so much again for a fantastic time.

    Wishing you love, light, laughter and rainbow blessings always

    -Jane xxx

  • Hi Stewart

    I would just like to say many thanks for my excellent reading. You certainly picked up on me. The name May was especially important as this is the surname of my ex husband who I was married to to 18 years and is my children’s surname.

    I think it was my mother-in-law Marjorie May who came through. She loved me and I feel has been looking over my children and I over some difficult past years.

    Paul is my husband and is looking for a move of schools as he is a Teacher. We also have been thinking of moving home.

    I love Angels and am at present doing a home study course on Spiritual coaching and then plan to do spiritual healing. My plan is to run workshops to help others.

    So many thanks and god bless.


  • Hi Stewart,

    I want to say thank you for the reading you done for our daughter Gemma, it’s helped her no end, I feel she can see things differently now..she seems more focused on the future rather than being consumed by the hurt from the past and the difficulty with my Dads passing.

    Helen Taylor-Jones

    Hello Stewart

    Just a quick mail to say thank you for my email reading yesterday. I was a little unsure how you would link with me via email but those doubts have definitely been quashed. Maybe when I’m in the UK again I’ll organise to come and see you.

    Warm regards


  • Hi Stewart

    Many thanks for the reading you gave my partner last night Gill Sykes, winner of the Fate and Fortune magazine competition.

    Being a professional instructor/assessor I believe feed back is extremely important and I certainly seek it. Although I am described as a sceptic (you also mentioned this) I would now consider myself some one who probably didn’t want to believe, maybe through fear.

    Having never been through the process of a reading before because logically and scientifically could not understand it, I was impressed at the accuracy of what you told me and the knowledge that you received regarding past family members, there is obviously some part of life on and off this Earth that some of us will never grasp.

    I was until last year a rescue team leader and saw death on a daily basis, however, I was never sure at what point people who I was trying to save actually lost the ability to understand what we were trying to do to save them, therefore I always ensured that the team made every effort even in the most hopeless of cases, just in case when the person we were trying to save died, they could see as they left their body we were doing everything possible to save them. Strange how life and death affect us.

    Once again, I was amazed and truly many thanks.

    -Les Sykes Speleo Adventure Conformance Training.

  • Dear Stewart

    First of all, thank you for reading for me again. This is my third reading with you and all I can say is that you have helped me so much in the past and I am looking forward again to your guidance and insights.

    My last reading with you was in September last year when big change was happening in my life. I was feeling very nervous about moving state (from Perth to Sydney) and I was a bit worried about my job as well.

    But you reassured me and told me that I would land the perfect job and that my move will happen without a hitch! And everything happened the way you said it would, it was amazing.

    Well here I am in Sydney, almost 8 months later…I have settled well and my job is going really well and I am now living with my boyfriend Kevin.  
    You told me that 2007 would be a slow year for me which is normal for someone who is happy. 

    I’m so grateful for all of your guidance, you have been a true saint.

    Until next time

    -Wendy (Sydney)

  • Hi Stewart,

    I’ve just arrived back home after our reading.Totally amazed with everything you said to me and Debbie. Debbie is speechless which doesn’t happen very often.;-)

    We’re so happy, everything seems so much clearer and we now have the push that was needed to get us to make the all important move to Italy.

    We can’t thank you enough, good luck with everything you do yourself, we’ll be in touch to let you know how we’re getting on.



  • Hello Stewart,

    You have done a reading for me today and I would like to once again “Thank You”. The information you gave me was enlightening and much of it made sense to me.

    As I have never had a reading before, I was a little unsure of what to expect but you totally put me at ease.

    You really have such a wonderful gift!

    Thank you once again
    Kind Regards

    -Natalie Russell

  • Dear Stewart
    Thank you for supporting the Essex FM charity ghost hunt at Coalhouse Fort on Saturday and
    being our medium for the evening. 
    You’ll be delighted to know that we raised a fantastic amount of money for Martin &
    Su’s Essex Kids, a grand total of £3205.11.  This money will make a real difference
    to the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in Essex. 
    I also received some feedback from the listeners who really enjoyed the night.  We
    couldn’t have done this without you, so thank you for giving up your time on
    Saturday to help make the event the success it was. 
    Many thanks for your support. 
    Kind regards

    -Lauretta Fox Charity Manager Martin & Su’s Essex KidsEssex FM

  • Hi Stewart,

    I would just like to say a big thank you for today (8th August). 

    The reading that you gave for Darren and I has helped put allot of things into perspective, and answer questions that we had. You have helped me to understand and finally close the door on my past, and open up a new door to my future. 

    If only I had met you 3 years ago, my life would have been allot easier to cope with, but perhaps that was my test?? Once again thank you, and I will be in touch regarding your course, once we have paid for the wedding.

    Take care and best wishes

    -Nikky and Darren

  • Hi Stewart,   Just wanted to say thank you for our reading, It’s better than I had hoped and was so nice to hear from my lovely Grandad, and what you said about my life was so spot on! My nan enjoyed it aswell, we’ll definately be coming back again. Anyway thank you so much it was a real pleasure to of met you.   Regards


  • Hi Stewart,

    Firstly I would like to thank you for the reading that you gave me yesterday.  It was so lovely to hear from my lovely Nan, and what you said about my children was spot on!  My eldest daughter was thrilled with your predictions for her!

    My mum would now like to have a reading with you so when you have a moment could you let me know your availability.   Kind regards

    -Cassie McCracken

  • Hi Stewart,

    Recently came on an investigation with Paranormal Tours, as you as the medium for the night, I’m sure you will know which one im talking about when I mention Thomas! Michelham Priory!

    As the medium for the night, you certainly did well and our whole group were really impressed with how you worked.

    As a result of that, I’m e-mailing to ask about the readings that you do. I’m interested in booking one up with you if you have any available slots.

    If you could just please e-mail me back if you do, and also how much a session is.

    Many thanks


  • Dear Stewart,   I wanted to say thank you again for clearing the house for us of our spirit visitors. For 5 years we’ve had a terrible time with the hauntings and now since you’ve been out to us the house feels so normal.   I don’t feel frightened anymore and for the last 3 weeks we’ve slept like babies, the first time in years.   You have a wonderful gift which helps so many people..i’m so glad our paths crossed. You have brought inspiration and enlightenment to the whole family.   Best wishes

    -Diane Cooper

  • Hi Stewart

    Just a brief note to thank you for the reading you gave to me this evening.  I was truly impressed with your ability to deliver such accurate information, and personally felt privileged that 3 of the people I still hold most precious in my life, decided to visit at our session.

    Thank you for your time and energy devoted to that 30 minutes – I certainly drove away from Ferndown Close feeling quite serene.

    When asked I will be sure to recommend you to others and will almost definitely contact you again further down the road.

    Thankyou again.

    With kind regards

    -Elaine Boisclair

  • I just had my first psychic reading with Stewart. He’s very professional and he made me feel extremely comfortable. It felt like I could sit and chat with him the whole day, because he is just one of those people that are so easy to talk to. The reason I went to see Stewart was to ask him three questions of which two was life changing decisions that I needed to make. I never even had to ask the questions. All three topics just popped up and Stewart gave me clear advice on what to do. It was pretty amazing how he knew exactly what has been going on in my past and where I need to go in my future. Part of the reading was very emotional for me because I felt so extremely connected, but afterwards it felt like a huge weight has been lifted. Now I feel at peace with myself and looking forward to a very exciting changes in my life! I can strongly recommend a psychic reading with Stewart and I would most certainly book another appointment with him in the future.


  • Dear Stewart,
      Thank you so much for the reading and healing you done for me yesterday. I can only say I’ve woken up today feeling like a new person.   I feel so positive and know my direction now, it’s also nice to know my brother was watching over me helping me during the troubled times these last few months.   I’m so glad our paths have crossed!! It’s amazing how a reading can change your life..   Look after yourself, I hope you touch other peoples hearts as much as you have mine.   God bless


  • Dear Sirs / Madam

    Following a telephone conversation to your office I wanted to confirm all I had said in writing.

    My wife and I attended our first evening with Paranormal Tours at Michelham Priory, East Sussex, 25 miles from our home.

    Your team and the event was absolutely fantastic, for the following reasons.

    Firstly during the initial talk your Medium Stewart Keeys, correctly pointed out and identified me to all, as a practicing Psychic Medium.

    He was correct even though I had not told anyone, he was very complementary to me about my ability my future saying he never met anyone with such psychic awareness and energy with a lot more to come.

    Stewart was spot on 100%  accurate all evening with his ability as your crew and the information will confirm, and and we even worked together in the Kitchen Area vigil.

    Secondly your crew were great, Mark, Sue, Keith, Sharon were not only welcoming, helpful and knowledgeable but they all made our evening something special.

    My wife already going to book us up for Preston Manor and Newhaven Fort (3 miles from our home) a very local evening. So I will be interested to see if the fun continues.

    Once again please pass on our many thanks to all the crew, and we look forward to meeting them again soon.

    -Marc Richardson

  • ‘Big up to Stewart, a class act as our medium, picking things up in almost effortless fashion, I think even the most ardent sceptic couldn’t fail to be impressed! (in fact I think I’m right in saying that the ranks of the sceptic had diminished by the end of the night)’

    ‘Top job by Stewart’


  • Hi Stewart

    Many thanks for my reading yesterday, it put my mind at rest on a number of matters – thank you so much.
    Towards the end you mentioned someone boxing for the military (my uncle), a name being spelt out J-A-N-E as a middle name/first name (this turned outI’m pretty sure to be James which is my uncle’s Christian name that he has always used as a middle name), the name Wallis which you felt to be a company.. it was Wallis & Stevens (he worked for) and the name Irene..(his sister) All of these things I have since discovered today and this person is in ill health so I feel it was their way of letting me know they were aware. I thought you might like to know just how very accurate you were! I hope to see you again some time and wish you all the best in the meantime. I shall look out for you on the telly!


    -Miranda Ashton

  • Hi Stewart,
    Just wanted to say a big thank you for your help yesterday (I’m the girl who came in with her Mum and cried a lot!).
    We took your CD straight to my grandparents house for them to listen too and the parts that we were a bit hazy on made sense to them.
    You had said that someone in the family felt guilty because they weren’t there when my great-grandad died; straight away my nan said that was her brother. You mentioned a factory at the end of the road they lived on in London and they remembered that it was the gas works.
    You also said you saw my great-grandad outside a factory with black on his hands; my nan said that made sense because he used to be a metal polisher at a factory. Amazing.
    Also just wanted to thank you for your help. Both my mum and me feel like a weight has been lifted. I’m very grateful for what you said, it was almost like it was someone saying “I know what’s going on and I understand, it’s OK”, and then offering their advice…which I will listen to. And I’m so glad you told my mum she will be OK health-wise, it’s something I worry about constantly.
    And as for my mum, she can’t wait to come back and see you again!
    Again, thanks so much.
    Take care,


  • Dear Stewart,
    A quick note to say thank you for the Angels afternoon workshop yesterday.
    I must tell you I had a very strange experience during the class. I have been struggling with low moods over the past couple of months and have been very teary on and off. Friday was quite bad and I didn’t think I could get myself to the class Saturday afternoon. I felt fine by the time I got there, but once you started talking I became very emotional. For the first half hour I was trying to fight back the tears. The ache in my throat was so intense I thought that if I started crying I truly would not be able to stop.
    I left the room and went to the bathroom. I was in floods of tears by the time I got there. As soon as I locked the door I heard a voice that said “Go back in there, I’ll be with you”. When I got back to the room and sat down a voice said “Pick up the crystal.” I sat for the rest of the time holding the crystal that you had given each of us.
    I felt a bit ‘spaced out’ for the rest of the class, like I wasn’t really there. A voice kept repeating “’Sit quietly”.
    Today I woke up feeling quite positive, energetic and ‘light’. I did some gardening, housework and even managed a walk for an hour (spotting several white feathers along the way). Tomorrow I am going to buy a pretty journal and writing paper so I can write to the angels and record my inspirational writing.
    Thank you again for a truly profound experience.
    Best regards,


  • Dear Stewart,

    Hope you are well. A couple of things you may be interested in! You mentioned the names “Irene” and “Reeny” and I wasn’t sure of the name but it rang bells for me. Stupid me!…Irene was my nan’s real name!
    I always knew her as Peggy or Nan as she was Nan to me and Peggy to everyone else. You also mentioned the younger energy with her and I told you that was my mums brother who died very young and I never met him either. You said about him pulling faces etc. I asked my mum last night and you are spot on! He was a character and did always pull silly faces etc! I am also amazed at your description of my granddad William “Bill” who was with my Nan….again spot on! I have attached a picture , not great quality as its taken from my phone of a picture on the wall but you can see it. My mum and dad are on the left and then you have got my Nan and granddad. Take a look at the picture and you will see that your description was spot on, you will probably recognise him straight away!! Big bloke scary because of size but from what I have heard of him, Soft as anything! Thanks very much for last nights sitting, It was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my whole life. Like I said to you, I had wanted it for a long time but at the same time I had always been a little sceptical because Only ever seen it on TV etc so you always have that “is it staged etc?” in the back of your mind.
    I now know 100% that it is not and that there really is life after we leave this earth. You also said last night that I would go away and feel better and like a weight lifted, again (and I am getting boring now!!) you were spot on. I feel amazing knowing that my Nan granddad and uncle are happy and all together again and looking after all my family. The two things that made me the most happiest last night was when you come out with the exact reason I came to you in the first place, and you hit the nail on the head pretty much straight away once contact was made. The guilt I have held onto for 14 years since she died of not visiting Nan in hospital when she was ill as much as I should of because I was scared to see her like she was when in hospital. – That’s when I lost it last night so please thank your wife for the tissues!! :o) The other thing is when you mentioned that I had three children and had the feeling that there should have been four and that Nan has seen my children meant so much to me. They all got their hugs from her last night via me. Our fourth one who is with her will be getting spoilt something rotten up there if I know my Nan!! Anyway what was going to be a quick thank you has turned into a little bit of an essay so I wont keep you any longer ! Thanks again for sharing your gift!! Definitely keeping an eye on updates on your site and look forward to seeing you on TV soon. I really hope it takes off big time for you…you deserve it!! I will definitely be recommending you to anyone that is wanting to or thinking of having a medium sitting !
    Speak soon

    -Stuart Robertson

  • Hi Stewart
    You gave me a reading on the 21st of May 2010. I handed you a watch and a
    wallet and you said that the watch isn’t the person who had come through.
    (hope that jogs your memory)

    I would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you! You brought my brother through who
    had taken his own life on the 23rd March 2010. Me, my mum and dad have
    listened to the recording over and over and over again. Everything you said
    clicks into place so accurately! Even some things you came out with at the
    time I couldn’t place them but my mum reminded me what those things meant.

    The best thing is though, I believe in the spiritual world but with
    everything I do i’m sceptical. So listening to the recording I didn’t give
    anything away and that was my plan. Yet you gave me such an accurate reading
    of how the events unfolded with how my brother went and how he was found. To
    many other details, descriptions and names!

    The Recording has gone around our family and those that didn’t believe do
    now! I can’t thank you enough, you deserve massive credit for what you do!

    -Alan Redgrave

  • Wow Wow Wow! Thank you so much for such an amazing, inspirational reading. Mind blowing!

    -Lisa xxx

  • Hi Stewart, I would like to inform you that the telephone reading you gave me back in December, well the rest of what you said is true to the tea. I informed you earlier this year when the first half about getting the job with children came true. You also told me that I would have another child and my job would be safe to go back too, well I am four months pregnant and my boss said to me yesterday that I am welcome to come back to be part of their long term staff plan. Everything you said is spot on, you are amazing !

    -Anna James

  • Thank you so much for the reading yesterday. I feel so uplifted and peaceful. I now know that there is life after life as you so rightly called it.


  • Just a quick line, I came to you for a reading back in December and you said I would be leaving my job and doing less hours, also that I would be sitting down more. I started a new job about five weeks ago am doing 30 hours a week and it is driving a lot of the time! Just thought I would let you know that your predictions were correct also a couple of other things you said are coming true aswell. Would just like to thank you again for a great reading and will definitely be back to see you.


  • Hi Stewart,

    Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for the connection you
    helped us to make to our brother. James only died in May so it
    has been a huge help to our family to know that he is fine and
    enjoying his new life! You were so spot on with everything you
    said especially the TCP!

    Thanks again you are so lucky to be blessed with this unique gift,
    may you continue to help so many.



  • Hi Stewart,
    Thank you for our readings the other day… were amazing & inspirational..You have left us speechless…! Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!

    -Zoe & Holly 😉 x

  • Hey Stewart,
    I really wanted to say thank you for the reading that you gave me last week. You were amazing
    It was unbelievable that Simon came through to me and you got everything spot on!!! Even things I didn’t understand at the time….I later went on to speak to his family who made everything clear!!! You have really helped me in moving on with my life now. Although I will never forget Simon I now know that he is at rest and is happy looking out for me!!! You really have made me so so so happy! You have a gift that is pure magical.


  • Dear Stewart,
    Thank you so much for today, It was an amazing sensation of which I related to 100% of what you said and told me about. I have taken onboard a lot of the points and I think shell shock on what was being said caused me not to ask any questions afterwards.
    Thank you once again, today has been very weird (but in a good way) May I also say the way it was all discussed was very relaxing and I will absolutely be recommending your services to lots of people.
    Kind regards

    -Mike Walker

  • Hi Stewart,
    I just wanted to thank you for the healing you gave me today. I feel on top of the world…So bizarre how much better I feel in such a short space of time. I felt like I was floating all the way home. You have an amazing gift!
    With thanks


  • Dear Stewart,
    I came to see you about four months ago when I asked you about the concern I had about my daughter.
    She had been trying to get pregnant for about 2 years. You told me all would be well and we would get good news in the early part of the year 2011.  Well you have done it again!  My daughter announced at New Year that she is expecting a baby in early August.  After you told me that it would happen, I stopped worrying as I was sure you would be right, as you have before.  So thank you very much for sharing your unique gift, that gives so much hope and help to us all. 
    I look forward to my next visit.

    -Love Steph

  • Hey Stewart,
    Just wanted to say thank you for my reading on the 15th Feb. I can’t really put into words what you have done for me. Thank you so much.


  • Hello Stewart,
    I hope you are well. Just a short message to let you know how things have been since my healing with you. It’s been very strange and weird at the same time as I didn’t know what to expect. Being in such a emotional state before coming to you I am experiencing quite a change! I feel at peace. I cried a lot to begin with but that has disappeared which is amazing. For the first time in years I can think about me. I feel in control again! A big thank you and I am looking forward to my top up session with you in a few weeks time.
    Take care

    -Sue xxx

  • Dear Stewart,
    I would just like to say thank you for your time and the messages you gave me yesterday from my son and other family members. The reading has helped with my healing process and I hope to see you again in the near future if that’s ok. Your reading has brought much comfort to a very emotional and confused state of mind.
    Best wishes


  • Hi Stewart,

    Just wanted to say thanks so much for your reading yesterday. It’s given me a
    lot to think about and I am again very very grateful for your advice and
    guidance. The things that you said have provided a lot of clarity already and I
    feel like a weight has been lifted. I have been confused and worried about
    several things and you picked up on all of them! I’m very grateful for your help
    on those issues as well. And it’s good to know we’re not alone and have the
    spirits looking out for us all the time. Thank you so much for the work that you
    Take care

    -Karen Smith

  • Dear Stewart,
    I am writing to thank you for your reading today. I can not think of another time when an encounter has left  me feeling so strengthened and changed. Much of what you said was immediately recognisable and relevent. I had only vague hopes for the reading, but I left feeling as if it had answered any questions I had and raised only good ones for me to ponder. You have an extraodinary gift, and I am grateful that you choose to use it as you do.
    My thanks again and all good wishes,


  • I just wanted to thank you for the reading you gave me today. I have listened to the recording and taken notes. It all makes sense and I’m feeling both uplifted and inspired. It’s funny how some people you feel at peace with and you are one of those people. You have confirmed that the future will be exciting and I’m committed to having some fun(wild child about to be set free). I’m so pleased our time together was such a positive experience. I’ve given the green light to some of my friends who are interested in meeting you so I hope you will hear from them very soon. I wish you all the luck in the world for success and happiness.

    -Kind wishes and no doubt you will hear from me in the future, Vicky.

  • Hi Stewart,

    We just wanted to say a huge thank you for our reading yesterday, it was amazing! We didn’t stop talking all the way home (one and a half hour drive!).

    We have verified some of the information that we weren’t sure of and we both feel uplifted and positive, so thank you – you have a wonderful gift.

    We are hoping to come and see you again before the year is out!

    Kind Regards,

    -Emma Miller

  • Dear Stewart,

    Thank you SO much for the phone reading. You have helped me more than I can express right


  • Dear Stewart,

    Well, after seeing you today I left with a real spring in my step and such a feeling of light and carefree happiness, so I just wanted to say a really, really big thank you for giving me such a good reading.

    Once again you hit the right spot every time and answered so many questions inside my head. Giving me those answers gives me the confidence to know that I am going in the right direction and encourages me to carry on making all the decisions which have to be made from day to day. Sometimes it feels hard to keep clear of the negative stresses and strains that come along, but talking to you makes me feel
    stronger and more able to follow the direction that I am being given. The future is bright, not only for my family but also for our employees who are helping us build our business, without them we wouldn’t be able to do what we do and I can’t wait for the day that we can reward them all properly.

    Looking forward to seeing you again at your show in November.


  • Hi Stewart,
    Hope you are well? I have visited you a few weeks ago with my friend Lucie for a one to one reading.
    I just wanted to thank you for a very interesting and insightful reading. A lot of things that you mentioned have already happened exactly the way you described it.
    Hmm, I am still disappointed though that the spirits won’t tell us the Euromillions numbers, but you can’t have it all, haha.
    Thanks a lot for everything again.
    Many warm greetings.

    -Cheers Eva:)

  • I was exhausted before I came for healing, I was feeling very low lacking confidence and in constant pain from fibromyalgia. I then had healing with you and Solomon.

    I felt at peace and lifted. I drove home calm and happy. Slept like a baby and over the next 2 days all sorts of things happened, I became cheerful, had energy and above all enthusiasm for life again. Significant reduction in pain and mobility and confidence is at a high!! Just as well as I started a new job on the 1st and I am so happy.

    I cannot express in words how grateful I am to both you and Solomon.

    Love and blessings

    -Janice Beaven x

  • Hello Stewart,

    Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for my reading on Monday.

    You have helped us with so many unanswered questions after the tragic loss of Janie. I was blown away by the reading and we feel more at peace knowing Janie is OK. Today meant and means so much to me and my family. I’m sure it will go a long way to helping us through this awful time.

    Thank you again and take care

    -Sally xxxx

  • You have no idea how your healing has impacted me. I still didn’t feel that great after the healing, and thought that if it didn’t work, then at least I gave it a try. But today I feel like a dark cloud has been lifted, I haven’t been so happy in ages!
    I even started listening to music, singing along, which I haven’t done for ages. I can’t even explain how happy I feel. And I only just realised that it’s 6 days since I saw you, and you mentioned the number 6 a few times and how I would be better in 6. Thank you so much, I will be forever indebted to you. You have an amazing gift, and I am glad you are using it to help others. Thank Solomon too! The only thing I regret is not coming to you sooner, but the sceptic in me always thought it would not work.
    Well, the sceptic in me is gone, and I totally believe in the work that you do. I can’t believe that most of my life I had seen doctors and been on medication which didn’t do anything, when all I
    needed was 1 session with you.
    My sisters are so impressed that they would like to book a session with you as well!
    Thank you again, and hope that you can help others the way you have helped me. I don’t know if you can put this in your reviews section in your website, but if it is something I can do please let me know, as I think anyone who needs this should come
    to see you.

    -Zauhrin James

  • Thank you so very much for the healing today. For the first time in years I feel like a weight has been lifted! I walked from your house through Beggarwood park and found myself smiling at the beauty around me, appreciating the little things! I am amazed at how good I feel!! No aches, no pains, no sadness. You seriously are a wonderful man, thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Seriously can’t believe how good I feel! Singing away tonight, with a big smile on my face! Thank you so much!

    -Love Michelle Marsh

  • Morning well where do I start!! Having suffered with really bad sinus problems plus Achilles’ tendon problems so bad I actually had small hard pea sized lumps on the back of my

    heels making walking first thing in the morning very painful. Since your amazing workshop on Saturday both of these have completely gone I am astounded. I have suffered with both for so long I had accepted it as being a part of mature years!! Sincere and heartfelt thanks to you and Solomon. I am feeling on top of the world right now, please feel free to share my experience xx

    -Jane Kelly.

  • Hello Stewart,

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming out to work on the dogs today. The improvement in their behaviour really is amazing and they all seem so much more peaceful. It’s so hard to think we we’re so close as a family to rehoming two of them but now they are prefect. Thank you so much Stewart.



  • “Having heard how precisely detailed and accurate a friend’s readings with Stewart had been, I felt 100% confident in booking a phone reading – and I can’t pass on my thanks to Stewart enough for the insight he shared.

    “I was looking for some answers on specific areas in my life – the information that Stewart was able to give me some much-needed reassurance which has been invaluable, and the detailed answers that he gave are all proving amazingly accurate.

    “I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Stewart, in fact I have done to several of my friends and their readings have been as accurate as mine. He has told us all things about our lives that no one could possibly know, and the level of precise detail he is able to provide has given us the definite answers we were all looking for.”


  • Hello Stewart,

    I had a reading with you on 26-3-13 and you told me I would meet a lady called Sandra (Sandy) who would come into my life in the next few months and would be a massive inspiration to me and would be a lifelong friend.

    Well, I work in retail and just recently this lady has come into my store regularly and we get on really well, even to the point she bought me a lovely bunch of flowers for being so helpful!

    She said to me this week, “Well I know your name (as it’s on my badge) so I had better introduce myself….My name is Sandra!!

    It didn’t dawn on me until later that evening and I remembered what you had told me, even getting out my CD of our reading so I could replay it to confirm my bubbling excitement!

    Stewart you truly are a superstar and I cannot sing your praises enough. I hope to come and see you again soon. Thank you so much!

    Kind Regards

    Jackie Spooner x

    -Jackie Spooner