April 2024 –

Coast to Coast radio interview with George Noory in Los Angeles discussing haunted England and the most haunted island in the world. Our very own Isle Of Wight. Wednesday 17th April at 11pm GMT.

June 2023 –

I have had a few people contact me to ask if I am still providing readings as they heard I stopped. I’m pleased to confirm I am still providing readings and never have stopped so if you would like to arrange a reading feel free to get in touch. I can be reached via 07733325298 call or WhatsApp or via email [email protected] there may have been confusion due to my Facebook page being inactive as this was hacked in Aug 2022 and sadly I have been unable to gain access to the page. I’m still very much here 🙂

April 2023 –

Spirit & Destiny magazine article featuring haunted antiques.

December 2022 –

Stewart’s TikTok page to go live from
16th January 2023. Look out for @stewartkeeyspsychic on Tiktok.

November 2022 –

Spirit & Destiny magazine article with predictions for the U.K. in 2023.

October 2022 –

Spirit & Destiny magazine article discussing twin flame relationships.

August 2022 –

Spirit & Destiny magazine discussing the afterlife and how we evolve after our passing.

January 2022 –

Coast to Coast radio interview with George Noory in Los Angeles discussing haunted England and why it’s the most haunted country in the world. Wednesday 5th January at 11pm GMT.

June 2021 –

Take a break interview talking about psychometry and my findings with haunted antique shops.

January 2021 –

Radio Interview on Sedona Talk Show In California discussing our loved ones in spirit who draw close to us during these times. 14th January 10pm UK Time.

November 2020 –

Join Stewart for his Facebook Lives for Spirit and Destiny magazine every Wednesday throughout November on the Spirit and Destiny Facebook page.

April 2020 –

Interviewed by Sunday Times best selling spiritual author Theresa Cheung for her Podcast White Shores. You can listen to the White Shores series via Amazon Alexa or via Theresa’s website –

March 2020 –

Interviewed by author and former editor of Prediction Magazine Alexandra Whenman

April 2019 –

Stewart will be filming 4th – 7th June with his friend and independent film maker John K Webster for a new Paranormal film “In Search Of Fear”. Stewart will be behind the camera advising on the authenticity of several scenes with a key part of the film in a 500 year old mansion added to this Stewart will be taking up the role as “Conner” a TV presenter within the film as he did in his TV Pilot “Paranormal Survivor”.

Stewart will be holding a live Facebook session from the set of the film over the period he is there. Keep an eye on his page

March 2019 –

Book release with Claire Waters “Raising Faith” now available on Amazon and Waterstones. Claire has written about me in the book and I proudly gave my foreword for the book.

Aug 2018 –

I will be appearing with my friend and fellow Psychic Medium Roy Sunley for one night on Wednesday 1st August at 7pm at prestigious London Spiritual Mission in Notting Hill, London for an evening of mediumship.

Jan 2018 – ongoing

Working alongside Crackit TV Productions in London developing pilot show programming in the paranormal genre for Channel 4 and Channel 5.

Oct 2017 –

Heart FM Morning guest talking about all things spooky for Halloween.

May 2016 –

I’m a guest on Talk Radio Live on Sunday 15th in the evening from 10pm. I will be Howards final guest at Midnight. If you can not tune in at midnight you can catch up with the show on Monday.

Howard Hughes completes the presenter line up for Talk Radio alongside radio greats Eamonn Holmes and Paul Ross with his own Talk Radio show “The Unexplained”.

I feel very privileged to step into this Psychic Medium guest spot after the sad passing of Colin Fry last August. Colin had been Howards regular guest for many years on the BBC and Talk Radio. I hope you enjoy the show and hope I make Colin proud.

To tune in Live or on catch up go to

February 2016 –

Take a Break interview discussing Britain and it’s haunted history.

January 2016 –

Tune into my YouTube Channel for my new online series of short videos or follow this link to my channel and subscribe to have the videos emailed to you every week.

May 2015 –

Radio Interview on Sedona Talk Show In California discussing The Afterlife 1st May 10pm UK Time.

April 2015 –

Interview in Cosmopolitan Magazine France discussing Parisian Hauntings and the Paris Catacombs.

February 2015 –

Attending Centre Point Celebrity Charity Quiz Night

January 2015 –

Here’s a taster of my new TV Show plus an after show interview about the show. More information about the show will follow –

September 2014 –

Filming at The Hospital Club Studios alongside Waterloo Road actress Tara Berwin.

August 2014 –

I will be filming with one of the worlds largest production companies Fremantle Media on 6th and 12th August for a TV show to be screened in Belgium and France. I will be seen in one episode of 6 x episodes in a series showing my work as a psychic.

August 2013 –

I’m going to be on Big Brothers Bit On The Side giving my thoughts on the weeks show. On Sunday 4th Aug on Channel 5 at 12.30pm.

July 2013 –

I will be at the Sugar Hut owned by TOWIE’s Kirk Norcross. I will be there on 6th September as part of a special celebrity event demonstrating animal healing

June 2013 –

Stewart took part in the Celebrity Big Match at Reading FC on Sat 8th June. Stewart who injured himself in training didn’t take to the pitch but was given the opportunity to be Assistant Manager to footballing legend Ossie Ardiles. Former Tottenham Hotspur Manager and Argentine International. The Big Match raised over £50,000 for The Brain Tumour Charity and Action For Children.

June 2013 –

Stewart will be filming a live ghost hunt on Friday 28th June at The Commercial Inn, Derbyshire that will be streamed live on Ento Internet TV a brand new Internet TV station launched in March.

March 2013 –

Stewart has been invited to attend a special night with Stella McCartney & Sir Paul McCartney for Paul’s son James. James will be performing an exclusive warm up gig for 100 guests at The Ambassadors theatre, London alongside Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones ahead of Jame’s 47 show tour in the USA this year.

March 2013 –

Date for you and your family. On Saturday 8th June I will be taking to the pitch to play the beautiful game as part of a celebrity charity match at Reading FC. 15:00 Kick Off Madjeski Stadium. Proceeds from the game will go …towards The Brain Tumour Charity V Action For Children.

Keep an eye on the website

Tickets available from

I will be playing alongside –

Suzanne Shaw (Organiser)
Matt Evers
Bobby Davro
Tim Vine
Michael Sprott
Winston Ellis
Noel Sullivan
Razor Ruddock
Frankie Dettori
Ray Parlour
David Seaman
Darren Anderton
Ossie Ardiles

February 2013 – Stewart Keeys interviewed on radio by celebrity hair stylist, radio presenter and TV’s Next Top Model judge Stuart Phillips. You can listen here –

February 2013 – I will be working alongside the stars of Coronation Street, Manchester United and The XFactor for a private charity evening on Sat 11th May at Old Trafford. The event will be in aid of

January 2013 – Keep up to date with live theatre shows, TV, Radio and written press for Stewart during 2013.

September 2012 – Interview for Tiger TV with presenter Dani Gibson. You can watch the interview here –

August 2012 – On Friday 3rd August Stewart will be pre recording a 2 hour radio show with BBS Radio on the West Coast of America. Stewart will be interviewed by talk host Veronica Entwhistle. Date for broadcast 16th August at 10pm UK Time.

July 2012 – Stewart has been invited by London Celebrity Hairstylist and Estonias Next Top Model Judge Stuart Phillips onto his radio show on August 14th at 11am to talk about the psychic world of Stewart Keeys. Stuart Phillips holds the record for the most expensive hair cut and his cuts start from a whooping £8,000. Feel free to take a look at his website

April 2012 – Filming with Knickerbocker Glory Productions for Twin Towns On Sky Atlantic HD.

March 2012 – I am working alongside my friend and lead singer from the pop group Five Star Stedman Pearson on the most amazing, inspiring charity I have seen. Please take a moment to read this and the website link below. You could save a life. Wouldn’t that be the most rewarding thing you could do in your own lifetime. Giving life to others! My name is Stedman Pearson, a member of pop group, 5 Star. I have been extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to work in the music industry and together with my brother and sisters, forged a successful career in the 80’s and 90’s. About 18 months ago somebody changed my life when they showed me an invention called the LifeStraw. I was completely blown away by what this piece of plastic, the size of a small bicycle pump, was capable of. The LifeStraw can save millions of lives and prevent much suffering in countries that have little access to clean, uncontaminated drinking water. To read on and to save a life please log onto

May 2011 – Stewart made a guest appearance on Psychic TV at 3.30pm on Friday 27th May.

March 2011 – Stewart will be appearing in front of his first London audience on Wednesday 16th March at the London Spiritual Mission, Notting Hill.

March 2011 – Filming with Adele Vellacott will take place on Saturday 19th March. Adele will be filming with Stewart as part of the Psychic @ Large project Stewart has been working on.

June 2010 – Stewart and a team of Paranormal investigators from Paranormal Tours have been screen tested by Scottish TV for Paranormal Investigation Live due to the Living TV channel on 30th and 31st October.

October 2009 – As part of a PR companies launch, Stewart will be investigating three haunted locations in Londons Infamous Barrow Market area. Stewart will be joined by The Daily Mirror, Daily Star, The Guardian, The Sun, for a night of frights in deepest darkest London.

November 2008 – Stewart will be working alongside Jason Karl one of the presenters of Most Haunted on 22nd November at Burton Court. Stewart,Jason and the team will be on the hunt for the paranormal with Paranormal Tours in one of the UK’s Most Haunted Locations.

June 2008 – Stewart and his wife Dee have been invited to appear as guests on a new Channel 5 documentary produced by Whizz Kid Entertainment. Filming for the documentary will take place on Sunday 15th June at the County Hall, Westminster, London.

May 2008 – Filming with Tsarskoe Productions with Paranormal Tours at The Skirrid Inn, South Wales.

April 2008 – Stewart nominated for awards alongside fellow mediums, Gordon Smith, Derek Acorah, Tony Stockwell.

February 2008 – Stewart to appear on Living With The Dead a new Paranormal show by Living TV due to the screens in May 08.

October 2007 – Stewart appeared as guest medium on GWR Bristol radio station 96.3 FM.

October 2007 – Stewart featured in Pick Me Up Magazine on Thursday 20th December.

May 2007 – Stewart featured in Fate & Fortune magazine. Readers had the opportunity to win a one 2 one reading with Stewart as part of their monthly competition.

April 2007 – Stewart featured in The Daily Mirror about his success in his work and his life as a Medium.

March 2007 – Stewart appeared as guest medium on Essex FM for a charity Ghost Hunt at Coalhouse Fort held by Paranormal Tours.

February 2007- Stewart featured in Psychic News covering the story of his work to date.

January 2007 – Stewart featured in House Beautiful magazine alongside his wife as she was interviewed about her life living with a Medium.

December 2006 – Stewart featured in Fate & Fortune magazine giving the readers the opportunity to win a one 2 one reading with Stewart as part of their Christmas competition.

November 2006 – Stewart featured in a 4 page spread for Beyond magazine with an up close and personal interview about him, his career and the world of spirit.

October 2006 – Stewart appeared as guest medium on 2tenFM for a charity Ghost Hunt at the Haymarket Theatre held by Paranormal Tours.

Sept 2006 – Filming with Tsarskoe Productions with Paranormal Tours at Coalhouse Fort.

June 2006 – Stewart appeared as guest medium on Dublin’s Near FM talk show discussing his work as a medium and the world of the paranormal.

April 2006 – Magazine article featuring Stewart with Paranormal Tours in Take a Break magazine giving readers the chance to win tickets to see Stewart in action.

March 2006 – Stewart featured in Company magazine in a 3 page spread about Haunted England.

January 2006 – Television appearance on Meridian Tonight News about his work with Paranormal Tours in the UK.

January 2005 – 2 Ten FMs Morning crew appearance giving Sarah and Stuart from the crew a reading live on air in the studio.