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I have had a few people contact me to ask if I am still providing readings as they heard I stopped. I’m pleased to confirm I am still providing readings and never have stopped so if you would like to arrange a reading feel free to get in touch. I can be reached via 07733325298 call or WhatsApp or via email [email protected] there may have been confusion due to my Facebook page being inactive as this was hacked in Aug 2022 and sadly I have been unable to gain access to the page. I’m still very much here 🙂 Stewart Keeys Psychic Medium has launched onto TikTok so keep an eye out for my videos throughout the year!

’When Stewart begins, the loving message never ends. He’s a crystal clear voice for spirit.’ 

Theresa Cheung, Sunday Times Top 10 Bestselling Spiritual Author.

Stewart was born in Basingstoke, England in 1976. His appearance does not fit with your initial idea of a Psychic Medium. He matches no new age stereotype and his sharp eyes and decisive manner place him very much in the present world. If legend is believed, Stewart’s gift that started at 6 years old did not come by chance as he was born the seventh child on the seventh day. According to numerologists seven is the number of mysticism, and the seventh child has traditionally possessed the gift of foresight. Its astrological links to Neptune, and its prominence in religion – God’s day of rest, the seven angels and archangels in Revelations have reinforced the belief that the number seven is inextricably connected with divinity and the supernatural. It could be supposed that seeing people that have passed away and premonitions of the future might make things difficult for a child, but Stewart never suffered for his abilities. “I never once felt isolated when I was growing up,” he says. “My family supported me and that was the most important thing. They weren’t bewildered at all, they just accepted it. My gift was never brought to the attention of anyone outside the immediate family so I had no ridicule from anyone at school, because they didn’t know. Looking back, it was probably better that way.” Stewart has built an amazing profile since his first reading in
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